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Media and Entertainment

Our Media & Entertainment group provides legal advisory services to clients in the Music, Fashion, Advertising, Film and Television Industry. We work with clients to attain adequate and effective protection for their brands, intangible assets, concepts, business operating plans and information technology. We ensure that our clients’ products and services are compliant with local law and regulatory standards.

We appreciate that Nigerian Entertainment law is only just developing and as such we work closely with our Intellectual Property (IP) team to provide copyright, trademarks, patents and designs advice and services. We educate clients on their IP rights and obtain protection for their brand names, creative works and inventions. We also counsel on brand name usage, product development, licensing, protection and exploitation of trademarks (including famous marks), ensuring comprehensive protection for each client’s IP portfolio.

Our expertise also includes product registration and regulatory compliance, and we assist clients by developing, advising on and vetting advertisements for product/brand development in Nigeria. We provide a one-stop shop for clients in relation to Media & Entertainment law issues, which includes but is not limited to preparing contracts regulating the relationship between players in the entertainment industry and ensuring compliance with Nigerian Labour laws.

Our services also include assisting clients in their anti-counterfeiting operations. We conduct investigations, and notify and work with Nigerian enforcement bodies to prosecute offenders and remove offending products from the market. Where litigation becomes necessary, we are aggressive, thorough and well prepared. With our orientation in commercial law and practice, we seek the best business outcome for our clients in all matters.

Media & Entertainment Litigation Practice

B&I’s Media and Entertainment Group is supported by a very strong Litigation Practice comprising a specialist team made up of exceptional IP and Commercial Litigation lawyers, each with a profound understanding of the legal issues affecting Media Law  and  extensively experienced in devising winning strategies to ensure adequate protection of our Nigerian and foreign clients’ media and entertainment intellectual property rights and interests. The Media and Entertainment Litigation team sits within our Dispute Resolution Group under the able supervision of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

The Firm’s Media and Entertainment litigation practice brings together experienced Media & Entertainment, IP and Commercial Litigation Lawyers in the defence or prosecution of litigation arising out of patent, trademark, copyright, licensing, internet-based and other technology disputes, and includes litigation involving trade secret claims, false advertising and intellectual property transfers. The team represents clients in litigation with the primary objective of ensuring that cases are effectively resolved in favour of clients with minimum expenditure of time and resources. The team also adopts dispute avoidance, management and resolution techniques to ensure that the clients’ commercial needs are achieved in circumstances where litigation or arbitration may have adverse effects.

Media and Entertainment

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