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Nigeria Chapter Of The 11th Edition Of The Aviation Law Review

  • Posted on Mon 14 Aug 2023

Banwo & Ighodalo is proud to be the sole contributor of the 11th edition of The Aviation Law Review: Nigeria (“ALR”). The ALR provides a practical and in-depth analysis of global legal issues and their commercial and regulatory implications, across multiple jurisdictions and our Aviation Team contributed the Nigerian Chapter of the ALR for this year.

As the Nigerian aviation industry develops, particularly following the recent enactment of the Civil Aviation Act 2022, it is imperative that industry players are abreast with the evolving legal, regulatory and policy framework. As such, the Nigerian chapter of the ALR provides amongst others, an overview of the legal and regulatory systems in the Nigerian aviation industry, legal framework for liability, competition policies as well as compensation mechanism in relation thereto.

Click this link to read the Nigerian chapter of the guide.