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Competition Law/Antitrust Practice

B&I’s competition law practice is driven by qualified lawyers with expertise in various areas of law, who have advised on anti-trust and competition issues in both local and international transactions. This experience cuts across various sectors including telecommunications, power, agriculture, banking and financial services and manufacturing. B&I’s antitrust lawyers are frequently called upon to provide solution-oriented, value-based and technical advice on the full scope of competition law issues relating to merger clearance, joint ventures, licensing and distribution arrangements and other legal and regulatory compliance issues. 

As local and international anti-trust regulatory frameworks continue to develop, operational and business practices which affect the competitive landscape continue to expand. As such, we continuously assist our clients in addressing these competition law related risks. In performing this role, our competition law team takes into consideration the interrelation between laws, regulations, guidelines and policies (as well as their practical implications) vis-à-vis the practicalities of our clients' businesses.

The competition law landscape in Nigeria is still at a nascent stage but is rapidly developing with guidelines and frameworks being constantly introduced. We are frequently called on to advise on contentious and non-contentious matters, as well as procure clearances for Nigerian and complex multijurisdictional transactions in accordance with applicable merger control regulations. To optimally perform our role in this regard, we invest in understanding our clients’ business, the applicable sector and the economic environment in which they operate and bring to bear, our extensive knowledge on competition law. 

Our expertise in competition law includes litigation involving matters such as allegations of price fixing and breach of competition law, as well as litigation relating to distribution and unfair competition practices. We also organize trainings for Clients on a need basis on the regulatory framework governing competition law and unfair competition practices, amongst others.

Competition Law/Antitrust Practice

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